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Behind Grille Light Bar

Brighten Things Up with Our Behind Grille Light Bar

If you want to brighten up your view and light up the road without having to pay for a bull bar, then our behind grille light bar is a great choice. This awesome light bar requires no cutting of the grille, although some models may require you to drill into the metal brace located behind the bumper of your vehicle. The bracket of this behind grille light bar is made of powder-coated stainless steel for maximum protection against rust. The wiring is extremely easy to do and the kit includes a simple, plug-and-play high beam adapter. No damaging or cutting is needed, and it also includes a complete wiring loom, so you don’t need any additional wiring. The sleek black finish helps to conceal it for a sleek, sophisticated look. Get more from your off-road nighttime experience with our behind grille light bar, available on our website for purchase today.

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