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Behind the grill light bar

Are you a city driver who does the occasional recreational country drive in your 4-wheel drive?

Want the benefit of good lighting but don’t want to spoil the good looks of your modern vehicle with a large bullbar?

The simple solution is to mount a TrailBait behind-the-grill light bar.

TrailBait’s product range is developed to utilise factory

mounting points with engineered mounting brackets to ensure 100% light stability and prevent vibration.

These lights come with a plug and play mount system and can easily be installed by anybody a bit handy.

So, no drilling or anything like that – just a simple bolt-on process.

Installing the switch and wiring to the dash is tricky, but even with that, it will only take 20 minutes from start to finish.

TrailBait light brackets are designed specifically for each vehicle. A lot of effort has ensured the aesthetic result is well balanced.

The lighting position is designed for optimal light projection and is placed far enough from the radiator to avoid hot spots and far enough from the radiator grill to not transfer heat to the plastic grill.

TrailBait – Engineering solutions to get the most out of your 4-wheel drive!

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