The Front Runner Gullwing window replaces the rear window of a Mercedes G-Wagen allowing easy access to the cargo bay via the side of the vehicle.While built for off-road durability and ease of use, the Front Runner Glass Gullwing Window looks smart and was designed to blend seamlessly with the exterior stylings of the vehicle. Fits in minutes, no modifications required. Includes 2 locking latches. The G-Wagen can be brought back to stock within minutes by removing and replacing with standard window. Fits 460, 461 and 463 up to 2017 models. Please Note: In 463 models 2002 and later there is an antenna in the glass and up to the headliner that will need to be replaced.Not suitable for 2018+ models with glued in rear windows.

Mercedes Benz G-Wagen Gullwing Window / Right Hand Side Glass

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